What can I expect?

If you're considering visiting us for worship, we know that it can sometimes be intimidating to join a new group. We want you to feel as welcome! To help you feel comfortable, we'll break down some of what you can expect when joining us.

Where should I go?

Feel free to park in our parking lot or on the street, both of entrances are handicapped accessible. If you're early, you're welcome to join us for coffee in the Fellowship Hall / Gym or you can enter the sanctuary and have a seat.

Once you enter the sanctuary, you'll be greeted by an usher who will give you a bulletin. Please feel free to take a seat wherever you like. We usually start our worship with Page 184 of the hymnal that you'll find in front of you in the pew.

Who's the Pastor?

Pastor Peter Berg was ordained in 1974.  He has served churches in Missouri, California, Michigan and Illinois.  Pastor Berg and his wife Susan have been blessed with six children: two daughters and four sons, and four granddaughters.  Pastor and Susan reside on the northwest side of Chicago.  Pastor enjoys writing on the subject of theology and has had articles published in several theological journals. 

Hymnal? Bulletin? What's Going on here?

The hymnal guides us through the liturgy that we use each week. Parts of the service that change each week can be found in the insert in the bulletin. There will be some page flipping as we move between the liturgy and hymns in the hymnal and the Bible readings and special seasonal prayers in the bulletin insert.

What happens if I want to know more?

Feel free to speak with the Pastor or get in contact with us for a friendly, no-pressure chat through our quick contact form on the welcome page of this site.